the fast, fun, and effective way to learn a language


How the method works

Each lesson starts with a revision of the material studied during the last few classes, after which new material is introduced. The lesson consists of oral practice with the teacher, who introduces new vocabulary or a grammar structure and then asks questions containing these new words and grammar so that all the new material is practiced in context. This oral practice is interwoven with reading assignments and dictations.

Speed is the key

The teacher speaks to the students quite fast, at a natural conversation pace. Although the students may initially find such a manner of conducting classes a bit surprising, they will soon get used to it, which in turn will enable them in the future to understand conversations in a foreign language made at a natural speed.


The teacher asks each question twice, at a high speed, automatically starting the answer for the student. This enables the student to understand the question as well as prepare the answer, which makes the lesson more vibrant. The teacher does not wait passively until the student answers the question himself, but constantly forces him to give a prompt answer.


Questions and answers in the first stages of learning are determined in such a way that neither the teacher nor the student should alter them in any way. The student practices exactly those words and grammar structures that are included in both questions and answers. In subsequent stages, however, elements of one’s own creativity are allowed, thus the student displays imagination producing more and more original and unrestricted answers.

In order to develop proper linguistic habits, one should speak fast and without stopping to think. This procedure eradicates the habit of thinking in terms of your mother language structures and translating them into English, which hinders listening comprehension and speaking at a natural speed. The best way of learning a language is simply speaking it. The students answer the teacher’s questions in the longest form possible to maximise speaking time and practice as many words and grammar structures as possible.

Frequent revision of material

The secret of success in foreign language learning is revision. Language learning mainly consists of developing fast reflexes similar to typing or piano playing. Such reflexes can only be trained by means of frequent revision. We should repeat the activity until we are able to do it automatically. Thanks to the revision system, the students know all of the material perfectly. This is one of the indisputable advantages of the direct method over other methods, where the material studied once is frequently not revised, thus leaving gaps in students’ knowledge.

With the “German Direct Method” you become like a baby once more and you will learn German in exactly the same way as you learnt your mother tongue, by listening, speaking then reading and writing. Our motto is:

“The only way to learn how to speak a language is to speak it.”

Here you will find the advantages of the “German Direct Method“.