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About Us

Learn Quick – Language School in Vienna

Our language school is in the heart of Vienna close to Karlsplatz and the Naschmarkt. Since 2008 we offer English courses and since 2009 German courses. We teach English with world renowned “Callan Method” and German with the “German Direct Method”. Both methods belong to the so called direct methods. Direct means that you will use the language you want to learn from the very first minute of your lesson. You will learn English or German in exactly the same way as you learnt your mother tongue, by listening, speaking then reading and writing. With the “German Direct Method” and the “Callan Method” you become like a baby once more and you will learn your new language by being constantly involved in actively listening, speaking and with the correction of your pronunciation. By using the direct method in our lessons you will learn English or German up to four times faster.