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German Course

German Course in Vienna

Since 2009 we offer German courses with the direct method “Deutsch – Direkte Methode”. This method is a fast and effective system for the studying of German by non-native speakers. The “German Direct Method” was invented to make students as involved as possible in the learning process, and at the same time to help them to make the best possible use of their time. The method is a rigorously structured programme of instruction, divided into eight stages. The teacher asks students a series of questions which the students must answer. Because the method aims to get students to speak, classes hold the attention of students and stimulate their memory. The structure of the method ensures that students increase their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary step by step.

By the end of stage eight the student will know the most common 5,500 German words and the necessary grammar to use them in the correct manner. Students are never distracted by rare or complicated vocabulary, and must concentrate on picking up the basics of the language. With the “German Direct Method” you become like a baby once more and you learn German in exactly the same way as you learnt your mother tongue, by listening, speaking and then reading and writing.

By the end of book four our students have learned approximately 5,500 of the most common German words and the necessary grammar to use them in the correct manner. From this point, it is possible to communicate about a broad spectrum of topics in detail, spontaneously and fluently with native German speakers. The “Direct German Method” language courses can be used to prepare students for the “ÖSD – Zertifikat Deutsch – B1” (Common European Framework of Reference).

With the “German – Direct Method” you will easily learn German up to 4 times faster than with any other method.

Here you will find more information about the “German – Direct Method”