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Vorteile der “Direkt Methode”

Equal speaking time

An important feature of the method is that all the students in a class enjoy an equal amount of speaking time. With most other methods the most talkative of the students do nearly all the speaking whilst the others usually sit in silence.


Another feature of the method is that it overcomes the student’s shyness. Many students, when learning a foreign language, are afraid to speak it. With the “German Direct Method” being based largely on oral question-answer work, the student is forced to speak, and consequently soon overcomes their fear.

Small groups

Your quick and fast learning success is our main goal. Therefore we will guarantee you a maximum class size of 6 participants per group!

No homework

With the “German Direct Method” there is almost no homework. Thanks to the well structured material you will learn everything necessary in the lesson.

Starting, stopping and re-starting at any time

Unlike most other methods, the “Deutsch – Direkte Methode“ is structured in such a way that the student can start, stop and re-start his studies at any time of the year without damaging his progress. Please feel free to contact us for an entrance test at our school. This test is of course free of charge for you. After this test we will recommend to you a group for your German studies.

2 Trial Lessons

Learn more about our method by joining a lesson in one of our groups. We offer 2 free lessons (2x 50 minutes) to every new student. After this you can decide if you want to enroll for a language course at our school.

Here you will find information about our learning stages.

Learning Stages